Extraction & Refinement

XTRX Solutions offers clients Extraction and Refinement services that include Bulk Extraction, Winterization Services, Fractional Distillation and Terpenes Extraction.

Clients can choose from various levels of processing for their harvest.

Extracted substances can then be returned to the client for their own inhouse processing, formulation, packaging and distribution or the client can choose to have XTRX Solutions complete the rest of the processes along the value chain for them and have us become their full post-havest outsource provider.


XTRX Solutions helps clients get to market faster by providing product development as well as the means to get it out the door. We also offer a number of ready to be infused topical solutions for licensing to speed up time-to-market.

Besides a fully licensed facility with a processing capacity of 200,000 KG annually, XTRX Solutions can help clients navigate the market, determine the best use of their harvest, develop the product or licence our own formulas, right through to packaging and distribution.


XTRX Solutions has developed 12 topical products for the health and beauty industry which are formulated to be infused with CBD, THC or a combination of both. Our topicals range from serums and creams, to balms.

We offer plug and play formulations and white label solutions to meet client needs while cutting client cost for research and development, and accelerate time to market. Customizable options are also available.


We offer a wide variety of standard and disposable cartridge solutions to meet client needs.

XTRX Solutions can provide catridge filling from 300 ml to 1,000 ml and potency of 72 - 89% (720 - 890 mg/g) of active components.


A wide variety of MCT carrier oils are available for customization for dilution, including olive oil and hemp seed oil.

XTRX Solutions offer CBD Tinctures, THC Free CBD Tinctures, THC Tinctures, CBD & THC Tinctures.


XTRX Solutions offers clients Formulation and Packaging serevices that include Advanced Refinement & Formulation; Research & Development; Customized Packaging Solutions; and Full Inventory Management.

Clients can choose to allow XTRX Solutions to take on the full complexities of the post-extraction process, fully formulate their products and prepare them for distribution.

Clients are encouraged to work in co-operation with XTRX Solutions for their R&D initiatives. We do not compete with customers and we engage in R&D for clients as fully-independent consultants.

Fulfillment & Distribution

XTRX Solutions Fullfillment and Distribution services include Customized Fulfillment Services; Secured Logistics Solutions; Inventory Management and Tracking; and Just-in-time Warehousing.

For clients who choose our Extraction & Refinement services and Formulation & Packaging solutions, we are ready to become the client’s full fulfillment and distribution centre. We are able to fulfill smaller online and single retail orders received by the client as we are able to serve as their full distribution centre for its business-to-business bulk sales, pharmacy and retail store sales process.